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Twenty-two women members of the ABSW met in Central London last week for the inaugural women science writers’ networking event.

Emily Wilson, the first woman editor of New Scientist spoke at the event of the highs and lows of her career path that led to the top job at New Scientist.   Sue Nelson, science broadcaster, interviewed Emily and Natasha Loder, the Economist summed up the key points.  

Key points from the event were:

• There are obstacles to women reaching top jobs

• Women who succeed have often had to find effective means to continue to progress their career whilst balancing child care responsibilities.   In Emily’s case job share had been key to her continuing to work.

• It is often relatively small things that can be done to enable women to continue to work when they have family.   All women should be fighting for a more ‘permissive’ environment in science journalism, particularly those who had reached editing roles

• Those in editing/management roles should act as ‘Rapunzels’ to help other women progress through their careers

• More needs to be done re management training for editors, particularly in terms of equal opportunities and breaking barriers to women’s progression

The event was a clear success, and all involved believed that a women’s network would prove beneficial to women within ABSW and to the organisation more broadly.

We are now seeking ideas and suggestions for other speakers and or topics for the women’s networking group so feel free to send ideas to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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