Summer School

Andy Extance reports back on the ABSW Media Law training and asks for your thoughts on further training for ABSW members:

The ABSW media law training course had 12 attendees on Monday (25 September 2017) from an interesting cross-section of our membership - as far afield as York and Exeter (me), and with backgrounds ranging from staffers whose publications recognised the value group bargaining can provide to freelancers topping up their knowledge. Among many interesting points, two stuck out for me: 

A libel case verdict this month involving a French aerospace engineer seems to have put the UK libel law back to as bad as it was before it was changed in 2013. The case sees the judge's verdict on the new test for 'serious harm' that was added in the reformed Defamation Act say that libel claimants need not actually prove that any serious harm was caused. See more at the Press Gazette.

Yes, you can libel people through Twitter. Environment writer George Monbiot has fallen foul of this in a set of cases that also saw comedian Alan Davies sued for tweets and retweets.

Given the fact it went so well and we couldn't actually find a date that worked for everyone interested, we may well run this again at some time in the future, as well as some other courses. If you have any interest or suggestions in this regard, feel free to email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

"It was a really, REALLY interesting course - thank you so much to Andy for organising it. David Mascord (@davidmascord) is a fascinating and knowledgeable speaker. I can't recommend the day highly enough - so useful." - Attendee and ABSW member Kat Day. 

"As an attendee, I can testify it was great. Thanks to Andy for listening and for organising this." - Attendee and ABSW member Helen Albert.