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At the ABSW AGM held last night (Thursday 30 March) Pallab Ghosh, Science Correspondent at the BBC and a former Chair of the ABSW was appointed Honorary President.

On his appointment Pallab said: "The ABSW is a force for good and I look forward to helping the Chair and the Executive Board in any way I can to promote our values of clear, critical and challenging science journalism. In a world where so much well-funded science propaganda is produced by so many vested interests to suit their own agendas, our profession is needed now more than ever. It is needed to help people make informed choices about their lives and to show them how science shapes the world around them and how they might influence that change."

The AGM saw Martin Ince departing as former President of the ABSW's Executive Board and Mico Tatalovic of New Scientist being elected. Martin will remain on the Board for a further year in the postition of Treasurer so will still be very much involved in the organisation.

Meet your new Executive Board

Other news from the AGM:

The standing orders were amended to change the title of President of the ABSW to its former title of Chair of the ABSW, amendments were also made so that Life Members can stand for election.   

Martin Ince was awarded Life Membership of the ABSW for all he has done during his time as President.

Pete Wrobel and Michael Kenward were appointed for a further year as Honorary Auditors.

The minutes will be posted in due course but will of course require approval at next year's AGM.