Summer School

For writers keen to get a feature published in New Scientist, the ABSW evening with Josh Howgego, one of the publication’s features editors, was a great place to start.

The evening, held in a London pub, on Monday 4 June, was free to members. Josh provided all sorts of glimpses into how those features editors’ minds work – the mantras they follow; the essentials they are looking for in a pitch; how they view the New Scientist reader. He also talked the group through the writing of a feature, from coverlines to endings. And he ran through a list of feature types – all useful for working out where your fantastic idea might slot into the magazine.

After a round of drinks there was plenty of time for questions and bouncing ideas around. Thanks, Josh, for taking the time.

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Thanks to Aisling Irwin, Secretary of the ABSW Board, for representing the ABSW Board on the night and for providing this review and picture.

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