Summer School

Have you tried a different approach to science storytelling? Experimented with new reporting tools or media platforms? Or perhaps used an existing technique or technology in a new and unexpected way to improve science journalism?

If so, you are probably eligible for a new ABSW award for the best innovation the field of science journalism. The award is open for entries until 31 January. Find out more and enter here:

The award will be for innovative approaches in the gathering, presentation and/or delivery of STEM journalism. The award will be made to the individual or team considered to have made the most innovative approach in the entry year. The success/impact of the approach will be considered although this will only form part of the judging criteria. The nature of the award means that entry can be flexible with statements of achievement considered alongside evidence or examples of work. The judges will be looking for out-of-the box thinking, and new, unusual and disruptive approaches to journalism.