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Does anybody fancy going to Lindau, Germany (Closest airport is Zurich
in Switzerland) for the 57th meeting of noble laureates in Physiology or
Medicine? 50 Laureates will be meeting 500 of the world's most talented
young scientists of tomorrow.
This EUSJA study trip takes place from 1st - 6th of July. You have to
pay your own travel costs, the hotel is paid for and you will receive
100 euros towards any meals that are not provided.

Please let me know if you would like a place ASAP.

Barbie Drillsma
Association of British Science Writers (ABSW)
Wellcome Wolfson Building
165 Queen's Gate
0870 770 3361
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A good time was had by all who attended the Syngenta ABSW Science Writers' Awards, the last year of the company's sponsorship of the event. Check the web site not just for the details of who picked up this year's prestigious awards, including the new awards for "The best writing on a healthcare bioscience subject." but for pictures of all the schmoozing and boozing.

Want to join the fun? Start filing away stuff for next year's competition. Or you could, if you can afford it, become a sponsor.
First set up in 2005, AthenaWeb was recently relaunched as what the notice on AlphaGalileo calls AthenaWeb – Take 2. The announcement describes it as "an all-in-one web-workstation for science communicators to broadcast their films, build contacts, promote their businesses, swap news, blog ideas, publish findings, and work on their programmes and projects from anywhere in Europe, or the world".

The service aims itself at science communicators. AthenaWeb's web site has a top 5 "hit videos as well as an RSS news feed. The list of Science & media events looks like an itinerary for a pretty good tour of Europe, make that the world, they even list the "2007 World Congress of Science and Factual Producers" which happens in November in New York City.
EuroWistdom (European Women in Science TV Drama On Message) has handed out a bunch of grants to TV writers to help them to "develop ideas for new TV drama series or feature length TV films on a theme involving contemporary science and technology that also give prominence to women as scientists or engineers".

The announcement of this initiative on AlphaGalileo, Leading Writers Across Europe Take On Science Stories For Television Drama, has details of the projects. There is also a lot more on EuroWistdom at its own web site.
Proving that you don't have to be a computer hack to win an IT industry award, Paul Marks of New Scientist has been named "IT Security Journalist of the Year" in the IT Security journalism awards. BT's announcement of the results said that Paul, Senior Technology Writer on that illustrious magazine, "impressed the judges with the clarity of his writing, the breadth of his coverage, and the depth of his industry knowledge".
The recently retired science editor, and former literary editor, of The Guardian, Tim Radford, continues to merge his enthusiasms for science writing and literature. Queerer than we suppose, Tim's take on science books, accompanied the paper's coverage of this year's prizes.

Lots of nice quotes. "In a good science book, you are likely to read not just something you have never read before but something nobody has written before."

And he even managed to provoke a debate among readers. Perhaps there is life in the science book after all.

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