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Over the past decade, the ABSW has given out more than two dozen awards to students and newcomers, including runners-up and shortlisted entries.

Where are those award winners now and what are they working on?

Either the awards jury is great at picking out promising professionals, or the award itself plays a role in boosting their high-flying careers, as the following list is quite impressive.

Most work in science and tech journalism, some are research scientists, and others are policy managers or strategy advisers at medical institutions.

Here’s a selection – in alphabetical order – of winners and runners-up in the ABSW awards for students and newcomers since 2009, with brackets to indicate what they were doing when they won their ABSW award, and where they are now:


Shanta Barley (freelance) is a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Marine Futures School of Biological Sciences & UWA Oceans Institute University of Western Australia.

Eleni Courea (Research Fortnight) is reporting for The Observer, New Statesman and The Times, under the 2018 Anthony Howard Award for Young Journalists.

Maria Delaney (freelance) freelances for a range of magazines & national newspapers, including The Sunday Times, The Irish Times, The Guardian and Ars Technica.

Jessica Griggs (New Scientist) was deputy news editor at New Scientist and is now freelance researcher/writer/editor.

Julia Gottwald (student) is a book author and PhD student at the University of Cambridge.

Jessica Hamzelou (New Scientist) is biomed news reporter at New Scientist.

Will Douglas Heaven was launch editor at BBC Future Now and chief technology editor at New Scientist. He now freelances.

Sarah Hearne (student) is a PhD student at Curtin University, in Perth, Australia.

Faye Kirkland (freelance) is freelancing for outlets including BBC Breakfast, BBC News, BBC Radio 4, BBC 5 Live and the Guardian.

Sophie McManus (student) is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge and a host on the Blue Streak Science podcast.

James Poskett (freelance) is a historian at the University of Warwick.

Lisa Raffensperger (freelance) is a senior news editor at STAT.

Timothy Revell (student) is assistant news editor at New Scientist.

Max Sanderson (freelance) is the Guardian's lead producer in audio.

Penny Sarchet (Research Fortnight) is news editor at New Scientist.

Kruti Shrotri (student) is policy manager at Cancer Research UK.

Adam Smith is audience engagement editor The Economist.

Emilie Steinmark (student) is a PhD student at King’s College London, and a science writer freelancing for New Scientist, Scientific American, Chemistry World, and Education in Chemistry.

Ben Stockton (student) is a reporter at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Mićo Tatalović (SciDev.Net) is a news editor at Nature, having been environment news editor at New Scientist and completed a Knight Science Journalism fellowship at MIT.

Helen Thomson (New Scientist) is an editor and freelance science journalist for Nature, BBC, The Guardian, as well as a consultant for New Scientist and contributor to the Forbes. She is the author of UNTHINKABLE.

Jennifer Toes (student) is events coordinator at Eurofins Worldwide laboratory testing services.

Iona Twaddell (student) worked as a journalist at Pulse magazine and is now is a senior strategy adviser at the General Medical Council. 

Matthew Warren (student) completed his PhD at the University of Oxford, followed by 6-month internships at Science and Nature, and is now freelancing.

Ed Yong is an author and a staff writer at The Atlantic, where he covers science.


The ABSW 2019 awards are now open for entry until 31 January.


This is a selection of winners in the newcomer and student categories that we could easily track down online. The list of their jobs/achievements is not intended to be exhaustive.

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